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Designed by a woman who has had her share of hair struggles and has heard the voices from our collective community of women who share in these sentiments.

A stylish hair covering was needed for women with longer and fuller hair and for women who need to preserve their hair while on the go! Danielle recognized this need and committed herself to create the solution.

The purpose behind Bon’ha is simple. To provide women with convenience, versatility and style without compromising confidence.

A staple in Black Culture. Symbolic to our identity. Our hair is what defines us and enables us to be expressive and unique.

For many women, preparing and styling the hair is no easy task. Time along with patience are essential to complete the hair styling process. A process that can take hours and sometimes days – and let’s face it, sometimes we just aren’t feeling up to the challenge and choose to potentially sacrifice how we look and feel as a result.

Undoubtedly, we’ve all experienced that bad hair day where a hat or scarf is typically the go-to. But in some cases, these options are not ideal for longer and fuller hair or when you’re trying to achieve complete coverage of the hair.

"The idea of Bon’ha was birthed in 2021 through a hair experience of my then 9 year old daughter."

Preparing for a morning of errands, my daughter's hair was undone as the night before her braids were taken down and I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to wash and restyle her hair. Unbeknownst to me, she had been in her room spending a lot of time trying to figure out what to do with her hair. Her hair was too thick to fit under a hat, and a bonnet or scarf just weren't suitable for our plans.

Feeling defeated, she resorted to wearing a hoodie over her hair but the process discouraged her, her confidence was lost and the look of disappointment and frustration was evident. It was at that moment that I shared how she wasn't alone as my own experiences have left me feeling the same as well as for many other women. A change was needed and I was committed to be that change maker.

Bon’ha has arrived!

Bon’ha Has You Covered!

Your new solution to hair protection. You deserve to look and feel good. Order your Bon’ha today!

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